12kw 15kw 20kw 25kw Off grid solar system with Battery Inverter

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Key considerations when sizing off-grid solar systems

  • Daily average energy consumption (kWh) – Summer and winter
  • Peak load (kW) – The maximum power drawn from loads
  • Average continuous load (kW)
  • Solar exposure – Location, climate, orientation & shading
  • Backup power options – During poor weather or shutdown

With the above considerations in mind, the key component of an off-grid power system is the main battery inverter-charger often referred to as a multi-mode inverter as they can usually operate in both off-grid or on-grid modes.

A solar professional should be able to put together what is known as a load table to help determine which type and size inverter is best suited to your individual needs. A detailed load table is also required to size the solar array, battery and backup generator.

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10KW Off Grid Solar Power System Components List
Item Model Description Quantity
1 Solar Panel Mono 480W solar panel 14 pcs
2 Battery 12V 200Ah(adjustable) 8 pcs
3 Off Grid Inverter 10KW Standard off grid 1 set
4 Solar Charge controller 96V 50Ah DC (LED Display) 1 set
5 Solar Mounting Roof or Ground solar mounting(Customized) 1 set
6 PV Combiner Box Cuicuit Breaker/Lightning ProtectionCustomized 1 set
7 Cable International standard 4mm² 100 meters
8 MC4 30A/1000V DC 1 set
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1. No access to the public grid
The most attractive feature of an off-the-grid residential solar energy system is that fact that you can become truly energy independent. You can take advantage of the most obvious benefit: no electricity bill.

2. Become energy self-sufficient
Energy self-sufficiency is also a form of security. Power failures on the utility grid do not affect off-grid solar systems.Feeling is worth than saving money.

3. To raise valve of your home

Today’s off-the-grid residential solar energy systems can provide all the functionality you need. In some instances, you may actually be able to raise the value of your home once you become energy independent.

   Solar panel 7


> 25 years Warranty

> Highest conversion efficiency of 17%

> Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface power                loss from dirt and dust

> Excellent mechanical load resistance

> PID Resistant, High salt and ammonia                     resistance


> Agm Battery
> Gel Battery
> 2V,12V



  > Off grid inverter
> Built-in MPPT charge current up to 50A

> Be in parallel connection to reach more power



  > Residential Roof(Pitched Roof)
> Commercial Roof(Flat roof&workshop roof)
> Ground Solar Mounting system
> Vertical wall solar mounting system
> All aluminum structure solar mounting system
> Car parking solar mounting system



  > PV Cable 4mm2 6mm2 10mm2, etc

> AC Cable
> DC/AC Switches

> DC/AC Breakers
> AC/DC Combiner box

> Tools bag

Company infromation

Alicosolar is a manufacturer of solar power system with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force.Located in Jingjiang City, 2 hours by car from Shanghai Airport.

Alicosolar, specialized in R&D. We are concentrated on on-grid system, off-grid system and intergrated solar system. We have our own factory to produce solar panel, solar battery, solar inverter etc.

Alicosolar has introduced advanced automatic production equipment from Germany,Italy and Japan.

Our products are global and trusted by users. We can provide one-stop service for design, production, sales, and after-sales service. We are looking forward to cooperate with you sincerely.


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Founded in 2008, 500MW solar panel production capacity, millions of battery, charge controller and pump procution capacity. Real factory, factory direct sales, cheap price.

Free design, Customizable, fast delivery, one-stop service and responsible after-sales service.

More than 15 years experience, Germany technology, strict quality control, and strong packing. Offer remote installationn guide, safe and stable.

Accept multiple payment methods, such as T/T, PAYPAL, L/C, Ali Trade Assurance...etc.

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