We Will Explain The Unique Advantages Of Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation

1. Solar energy is an inexhaustible clean energy, and solar photovoltaic power generation is safe and reliable and will not be affected by the energy crisis and unstable factors in the fuel market;

2, the sun shines on the earth, solar energy is available everywhere, solar photovoltaic power generation is particularly suitable for remote areas without electricity, and will reduce the construction of long-distance power grid and transmission line power loss;

3. The generation of solar energy does not need fuel, which greatly reduces the operation cost;

4, in addition to tracking, solar photovoltaic power generation has no moving parts, so it is not easy to damage, installation is relatively easy, simple maintenance;

5, solar photovoltaic power generation will not produce any waste, and will not produce noise, greenhouse and toxic gases, is an ideal clean energy. The installation of 1KW photovoltaic power generation system can reduce the emission of CO2600 ~ 2300kg, NOx16kg, SOx9kg and other particles by 0.6kg every year.

6, can effectively use the roof and walls of the building, do not need to take up a lot of land, and solar power generation panels can directly absorb solar energy, and then reduce the temperature of the walls and roof, reduce the load of indoor air conditioning.

7. The construction cycle of solar photovoltaic power generation system is short, the service life of power generation components is long, the power generation mode is flexible, and the energy recovery cycle of the power generation system is short;

8. It is not limited by the geographical distribution of resources; Electricity can be generated nearby where it is used.

Post time: Dec-17-2020